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Here you can find anwers to the most common questions that we are asked

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Where is your Salon located?

Our Salon is located in Rotuaari, which can be found in the center of Oulu. When you arrive in Oulu just ask somebody to tell you where is the ball of Rotuaari, they will know! The ball of Rotuaari is 20m away from the entrance of the building our Salon is. You will find our store in the second floor, right over Oluthuone Leskinen. The entrance to the beautiful jugend style building lobby is on the right side when you’re looking from the street point of view. Then just follow the red carpet from the elevators to our Salon.

If you are in need for a parking space, you can leave your car to Stockamann’s parking hall or to Kallioparkki. If you are coming by bus just step off the bus in the Oulu city center.

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When can I come to try on, to choose or to buy the wedding dress?

Whenever suits you the best! It could one year, two years or even one week before your wedding date.

What products do you have in your collection?

Wedding dresses, bridal gowns, graduation dresses, evening dresses, gala dresses and for men the most stylish options. From our collection you’ll also find plenty of accessories like tiaras, veils, hoop underskirts, stoles and garters.

Do I need to book a time to try on dresses?

We recommend that you book a time for the fitting. You can do it easily by calling us, e-mailing to us or using our online booking service. When we have your name in the calendar it’s easy for us to make sure that there is enough staff working when you arrive and you won’t have to wait so long to get in to the fitting room.

We will serve every customer and it’s not mandatory to book a time but if you don’t have time we only have the salesprson present helping you with the fitting. And naturally if someone else had booked the fitting room at that time when you arrive you’ll have to wait. Smaller dresses can be tried on with the help of a friend or by yourself. You only have to be patient in need for a help if the salesperson is serving someone else.

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Can I order a dress from one of your brands that is not in your collection?

Yes. You can order dresses from several brands’ wedding dress catalogs directly from us. Delivering times depend on seasons and models from 3 weeks to 18 weeks. The item will be purchaced when ordering.

Change and Refund Policy

Items bought from our store don’t have refund policy. Because we wan’t to be certain that our customers are happy with the products they have bought we allow the change of product in some cases. Some of the cases where product change is possible are: the person who bought a wedding dress became pregnant and the dress doesn’t fit anymore, in this case the dress can be returned back to us and the customer can choose another model.

Every product change will be handled individually in our store.

Can I keep my wedding dress in your store until the wedding day?

We would like to say yes but unfortunately we have hundreds of prides as customers every year so we don’t have enough space to keep your dress in our store. One or two days storing is possible.

What are the methods of payment you offer?

We allow payments from all the general bank and credit cards, cash, invoice and monthly installments. If you choose monthly installments as a method of payment you can divide your payment up to 36 months. Our partner Handelsbanken offers you Aktiiviraha Mastercard for to be used in smaller and larger payments. Additionally you can benefit from our offers for payments like 10 months of interest free credit and other campaign offerings. If you choose invoice as the method of payment we will make a personal loan inquiry with you in our store.