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Lovely Dresses for the finest of moments

Plentiful collection of wedding dresses and evening gowns.

We have models from little black cocktail dresses to sparkling wedding dresses and elegant evening gowns

We always keep lots of different sizes and colours in our stock so You will have plenty of dresses from which to choose. We also have a modern collection for men with all the accessories. Welcome to be amazed!

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Finding the perfect wedding dress can take a while

You should start looking for the perfect wedding dress one year before the wedding day. Especially if your wedding date is planned for the summer season or you need a wedding dress that is smaller or larger than the averige sizes. In those cases the delivering times can be up to 3-4 months. Remember that there could also be a need to do some adjustments for the dress and it can take up to one month in the busiest season.

From our Wedding section you will find a large collection of different kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. You can also order customized changes to every dress that we have on our collection. We recommend that you make an appointment time to try on dresses. That way we will have plenty of time to serve you personally.