About us

The roots of Ateljè Katariina`s story go far back to the wonderful and interesting history of the Idman family. Exploring history and its lovely stories inspires the designer herself over and over again. 1992 was the year Sis Idman brand was born when Katariina Idman created the first wedding dresses based on her own grandmother Karin's memoirs.

Katariina's characteristic design style, which emphasizes aesthetics and freedom, was welcomed by customers, and in a few years the company expanded into one of Finland's best-known wedding dress stores. Today, Katariina's flagship store is located right in the center of Oulu, on Rotuaari, and in 2020, the wonderful Ateljé Katariina Boutique was opened in the Design District in Helsinki. Our most important values ​​are trust, love and freedom.

Ateljé Katariina's main collection combines the gems of the time in both wedding and party fashion. The name Sis Idman comes from the words “siblings, Katariina and Johanna Idman,” reflecting the close collaboration of the sisters behind the brand. Today, Ateljé Katariina is privately owned by Idman's siblings, working with carefully selected staff, guaranteeing freedom from design to production and business.

Over the years, Katariina's unique handprint and beautiful, high-quality Finnish Sis Idman dresses have been relied upon at the most important events in the country, from the Finland`s Independence Day Presidential Reception to musical costumes, international Beauty competitions, fashion magazines, privacy events, prom parties and of course weddings.

Ateljé Katariina’s source of inspiration is the stories of history, the unique nature of the north with its stormy sea breezes like the sunless nights of the sun. Finnishness is a privilege for us, and we proudly carry our Avainlippu and Design From Finland honors. We work together as a small and close-knit team to create the costume of your dreams just for you, your most important day.